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Minister Ali Muhammad Khan Wants ‘Islamic Presidential System’ In Pakistan

State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan has said that the existing system of the country should be replaced with an ‘Islamic presidential system’.

He says, “The country is important, not the system. Whatever the system, the country must be safe and strong. The country is not for the system, the system is for the country,” in his tweet.

He further goes on to say, “If you follow the Quran, Allah will be merciful. Otherwise we can keep dragging Pakistan like the rest of the 70 years since its inception.”

The minister has expressed similar opinions in the past where he has been a part of the anti-Ahmadiyya narrative that spread over Twitter after the Minority Commissions debate.

On April 29, he said that the community has not accepted themselves to be a minority, but if they do, the government will be inclusive of their opinions. He then proceeded to post a tweet with the extremist slogan that a severed head is the only punishment for blasphemy.

On May 5, he also tweeted about the glory of Muslim leadership and the ancient times when the Islamic caliphate dominated the world. He prayed to God to return the ummat those good days of the past.




  1. insaniyat May 30, 2020

    AM, if Caliphate cones back, you head will be the first on chopping blocks. This is 21st century. The children of this generation want to go to Mars, not stuck religious backwardness bigotary

  2. Ahmed May 31, 2020


    No one wants to go to Mars. They want justice on this planet. They want roads and clean water. Over here.

    what have you done about anything that has contributed to the progress of anyone.


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