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Malik Riaz’s Daughter Named In FIR Allegedly Leaves Pakistan

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Malik Riaz’s daughter Pashmina Malik who was named in the first information report (FIR) in Uzma Khan case has allegedly left Pakistan.

Hassan Niazi, the lawyer of model Uzma Khan, tweeted: “Malik Riaz’s daughter named in FIR of Uzma Khan case has left Pakistan. He said that the police officials of Lahore didn’t ‘bother’ to arrest Pashmina who didn’t even apply for the bail. “It’s big failure of IG Punjab. In fact seems like our province doesn’t even have IG anymore,” he said.

On Thursday, Uzma Khan addressed a press conference on Lahore Press Club. The actor said that she was beaten up and held at gunpoint by the daughters of business tycoon Malik Riaz who broke into her house on the eve of Eid (Chaand Raat) last week. She said that she would pursue the case against Amna Usman, come what may, ruling out the possibility of reaching a compromise with the perpetrators.

The actor’s lawyer who accompanied her during the press conference, denied Amna Usman’s claims that her husband Usman Malik is the owner of the house where the incident took place. He said that the house has been rented in the name of Babar Naseem who a friend of Uzma, adding that the house is in possession of the actor and Usman Malik does not own it. “We have legal documents to prove Uzma’s possession of the house”, he said.

Uzma Khan further said that she was friends with Usman till December 2019, but she had ended the relationship last year. “His wife has never approached me before [the incident]. I met her for the first time on Chaand Raat”, she added.


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