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Knife-Wielding Mob Attacks Karachi’s Civil Hospital Chanting ‘There Is No Corona’

KARACHI: Following the death of a coronavirus patient, Civil Hospital was attacked by an enraged mob of 70 people on Friday night who were chanting slogans terming the coronavirus a ‘conspiracy’. The attackers chanted slogans against the doctors and paramedical staff over the deaths of coronavirus patients. According to the doctors of the Civil Hospital, the attackers had knives in their hands and were threatening to attack them.

The protesters said that the deaths of the patients were a ‘conspiracy’ hatched by the doctors and that there is no coronavirus in Pakistan.

Video circulating on social media show the crowd chanting ‘Corona Nahi Hai, yeh sab doctors ki saazish hai’ (There is no corona. This is a conspiracy by the doctors).


The dangerous narrative about coronavirus being a ‘conspiracy’ has become more common among the public ever since the government announced lifting of the lockdown ahead of Eid. A significant number of people were already unconvinced about the severity of the pandemic and the mixed signalling by the government appears to have worsened the lack of awareness. This is despite the fact that Pakistan’s coronavirus cases are surging at an alarming rate. 6 doctors died of coronavirus in Pakistan in the last 48 hours.


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