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Journalist Javed Chaudhry Predicts “Corona Will End On 18th May”

Well-known journalist Javed Chaudhry has appeared in a video on his Youtube channel to inform viewers that the Coronavirus pandemic will end on the 18th of May.

Chaudhry claims that the worst of the pandemic will have passed by the 18th of May (“Corona ka zowr 18 May ke baad toot jaye ga”) and that some solution will be found during the month of June.

The journalist was able to reach these conclusions on the basis of his reading of Ahadith and his knowledge of astronomy. He emphasizes that his conclusions are based on astronomy and not on astrology – since the former is recognized by Islamic tradition but the latter is not.

Much of Chaudhry’s analysis relies on the appearance of the star cluster Pleiades and the advent of the season for planting seeds. In his view, the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic also ended in such a context.

Described by his Youtube channel as a “Mind Changer, Motivational Speaker & Life Trainer”, the journalist had earlier released a video titled “This is World War 3 not Corona”.

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  1. mustadaj May 3, 2020

    I can bet last Paisa, Corona virus force will continue in Pakistan much beyond his prediction . Religion has no scientific base, it is creation of tribal people.

  2. Dr Muhammad Munir May 19, 2020

    Hope Javed Chaudhry sb can now take his prediction back as there are more new cases of coronavirus than before even on 20th May. His prediction has been terribly wrong.


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