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Indian Authorities Report Capture Of Pigeon Suspected Of Being Pakistani Spy

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The Press Trust of India (PTI) reports that Indian authorities in the Kathua district of Jammu & Kashmir captured a pigeon which they suspect of being a spy. Officials say that the pigeon may have been trained by Pakistan.

Reports indicate that villagers from the settlement of Manyari apprehended the bird after it flew into the Indian-controlled Hiranagar sector. Police sources have been quoted in the Indian media as saying that there was a ring around the bid’s leg with some numbers on it – which they suspect to be a coded message.

Over the past few years, Indian authorities have repeatedly made claims of having captured pigeons which they suspect are deployed by Pakistan for espionage. In some cases, the claim is that the bird was carrying electronic devices and in others that it bore a message.

Meanwhile, such reports have been the occasion for much amusement on Pakistani electronic and social media.


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Naya Daur