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Govt To Conduct ‘Special’ CSS Exam To Fill Vacant Key Posts

The federal government on instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to conduct a ‘special’ Central Superior Service (CSS) exam later this year to fill 188 important vacant posts across the country.

Special Adviser to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Establishment Shahzad Arbab during an interview to journalist Hamid Mir said “Every year CSS Exam is taken once a year. However, this year we have decided to conduct a special exam as prime minister believes that the 188 vacant seats especially those in the under developed areas should be filled on urgent basis.”

He said that the plan was to facilitate the CSS aspirants living in ‘underdeveloped areas’ of the country. He named them Balochistan, interior Sindh, some districts of KPK (erstwhile -FATA), and GB. “There are 49 vacant posts in Balochistan, 41 in Sindh, 22 in KPK and 16 in erstwhile FATA and GB. These vacant posts need to be filled as soon as possible.”

He said that all the necessary arrangements have been made in this regard and when things would be normalised after the coronavirus crisis, the ‘special’ exam would be conducted later this year in November or December.


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