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FIR Against Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza; Unconfirmed Reports Of His Arrest On Social Media

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Popular religious scholar and speaker Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza has been nominated in a First Information Report (FIR). There are unconfirmed reports of his arrest on social media.

Allegations mentioned in the FIR against him include “inciting people against ulema” and “inciting sectarianism”. Attempts to reach his representatives have proved unsuccessful so far.

A clip is circulating on social media in which, critics allege, he had called for violence against various religious figures. His supporters say that this short clip is entirely removed from its true context. They point out that he often provides extreme-sounding examples for the sake of argument.

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza had achieved a large following over the past few years due to his lectures on various topics from Islamic jurisprudence, social issues and politics. He has become known for his sharp style of polemics and outspoken criticism of what he sees as weak arguments by a number of mainstream religious figures in South Asia. Some of his harshest criticism is reserved for those who, in his view, promote sectarian or divisive beliefs by various religious clerics. His comments have stirred controversy in the past, with various religious speakers releasing videos purporting to “expose” him.

He is reported to have survived an assassination attempt once before.

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  1. Engineer May 5, 2020

    Maulana maududi ki Baad dr israr sahaab phr engineer sahaab aayai ab isko band Kia Wah kya government hai Pak ki India ma Zakir Naik Ky pechay aur Pak Mai engineer sahaab ky pechay karo karo kya karna hai mgr yaad Rakho ab Tim Change hua hai ab har Ghar sy Engineer Nikla hai Allah ki Fazal sy,
    Marnay sy phly say musalmaan Karly to ispy gaur, kitabon ka khuda aur hai, aur baabu ka khuda koi aur…

  2. Adeel May 6, 2020

    No idea what kind of journalism are you guys practicing… Calling this foreign agent a scholar is like saying nobody has ilm anymore… He’s just a fitna and violence monger… Nothing more…

    1. Ali Warsi May 6, 2020

      No idea what kind of religion you are practicing. Calling this scholar a foreign agent is like saying nobody should seek Ilm anymore. He’s against fitna and violence mongers.

    2. Qaisar iqbal May 8, 2020

      You need to learn instead of writing here

  3. Tanzeel ur Rehman May 6, 2020

    Allah Engineer Sahab (Hafizaullah) ki hifazat farmayae. Jo kuch batata hay, Quran aur Sunnat ki batain batata hay. Hum ne tou islam ko waqiyat mein samjha tha. Allah ous ko lambi zindagi aata farmayae aur deene haq ke liyae mera Rab apni shaan ke muafiq humain bhi taufeeq aur himmat de ke hum bhi Islam ke sachay dayi banain. Aameen

  4. Naveed May 7, 2020

    Ali Mirza is great man

  5. Abu Abdullah May 7, 2020

    Divide,will be disastrous for us,the sensitive issues openly discussed on social media,a bad trend.One has to have,a great understanding of religion,and a unshakable faith(Eman),before hearing such people.

  6. Allah's slave April 16, 2021

    That’s why Pakistan is always in Shit hole, foriegn agent and all sort of non sense, the scholars like Er Ali Mirza are beacons of light for them but unfortunately they prefer to be in darkness


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