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    Dubai To Relax Curfew, Will Open Beaches And Parks

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    State media of United Arab Emirates announced that public parks and hotel beaches are to be reopened in Dubai, city and emirate of the UAE. However, groups of up to five people would be permitted to gather in public parks.

    UAE witnessed its first coronavirus cases on March 18 when 15 individuals tested positive after which lockdown was imposed. Later, the UAE imposed a full curfew and banned all sorts of public gatherings. Mosques were closed as well. However, Dubai reduced a full curfew down to eight hours at night on April 24. The restaurants and shopping malls would also be reopened in Dubai but with limited capacity, announced the state media.

    The UAE has also announced free testing of all the residents regardless of the citizenship. The disabled individuals, pregnant women, and residents over the age of 50 would be facilitated by state. With 781 new cases on May 10, the reported cases reduced to 680 the following day. On May 12, additional  cases of 783 emerged. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in UAE now stands at 20, 386 with fatalities of 206. The figures are one of the highest in the Gulf region.

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