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Countrywide Lockdown To Be Lifted In Phases, Announces PM Imran

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the lockdown imposed in the country to contain the spread of coronavirus will be lifted in phases from May 9.
“Lockdown will be lifted from Saturday in phases. We are taking this step because our people are suffering,” he said.

He added that the [coronavirus] cases and number of deaths are rising, but said that the government knew that this would happen. “Our concern was that the number of cases shouldn’t increase so rapidly that the healthcare system is burdened, but it has fortunately not happened”, he said.

He added that although the number of cases are rising and the curve is increasing, the rise is slow and steady.
He said that the government will lift the lockdown smartly and in phases. The PM added that economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak has to be considered.

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