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Coronavirus Patients In Karachi Treated In Ambulances After Hospitals Reach Capacity

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Dow University of Health Sciences Hospital has said that they had to treat patients in ambulances as they had run out of beds and ventilators. 

The Express Tribune reported that the healthcare facility saw a sudden influx of Covid-19 patients on Tuesday and Wednesday.  A senior doctor at DUHS confirmed that even though the capacity was full, no patients were denied treatment and the situation was under control.

As soon as Eid holidays came to an end, the hospitals have been overburdened with several patients coming in for the treatment of coronavirus.  However, the National Disaster Management Authority insisted there was no shortage of beds or ventilators. 

Another doctor at the Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital told the newspaper that all hospitals providing free treatment for Covid-19 have run out of space for any more patients. These hospitals include Civil Hospital, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Indus Hospital and DUHS.

The doctor claimed that the Sindh health department had been warned about the influx of Covid-19 positive cases after May 20, but no arrangements were made to accommodate the patients.

The medical superintendent at the Civil Hospital confined the unavailability of the ventilator beds saying that it is a public hospital so technically does not have the right to say no to patients.

However, according to the health department, Indus Hospital has 15 ICU beds and 13 HDU beds for coronavirus patients and all of them are occupied, along with the 15-bed isolation ward, which is also full to its capacity.

The total number of coronavirus patients in Sindh has shot up to 25,000 and the lockdown has just been lifted.


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