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‘Corona Does Not Go Anywhere On Saturday And Sunday’: CJ Orders Reopening Of Malls

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Supreme Court (SC) on Monday ordered that all shopping malls be reopened across the country on Saturday and Sunday.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad ordered the authorities to reopen markets on Saturday and Sunday as opposed to opening them only four days a week. The top judge asked, “What is the reason to keeps shops closed on Saturday and Sunday? “Coronavirus does not go anywhere on Saturday and Sunday”, he remarked.

He also said that people need to be allowed to go out for Eid shopping. “You don’t want to buy new clothes for Eid, but there are some who wear new clothes only on the Eid day. Let them go for Eid shopping,” he said.

The chief justice had initially ordered the orders for Sindh but later said that markets across the country should be reopened on Saturday and Sunday.

The decisions comes about a week after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s directed to ease the lockdown imposed to counter the spread of coronavirus ‘in phases’ across Pakistan.


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