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Amnesty International Lauds Pakistan’s Generosity In Times Of COVID-19

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Amnesty International has recognised Pakistan as one of the most generous nations during the pandemic all across the world. In a recent video that was posted on their Facebook page, a girl Kinza, from Pakistan, talks about how the coronavirus hit us hard but we all stood out for each other and helped the less fortunate ones.

In countries like Pakistan, where a majority of the population earns a daily wage, the 56-day lockdown was akin to financial suicide. For them, hunger was a bigger threat to their lives than a pandemic.

During the health emergency, when even leaving the house posed serious life threats, celebrities, influencers, non-profit NGOs and even common people stepped up and collected money to distribute rations, food, and other essentials among the less fortunate faction of the society to help them sustain the tumultuous times.

Besides this, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government announced a multibillion-dollar Ehsaas Covid-19 Relief fund for the people who were worst hit by the economic instability of the lockdown and on the margins.

According to the Ehsaas Fund, every family registered as below the poverty line to be distributed an amount of Rs. 12000, that is aimed at sustaining them for at least a month.


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  1. Bashy Quraishy May 23, 2020

    Thanks Naya Daur for bringing such encouraging news. Many rich people in Pakistan were insiting that PM Imran Khan should totally close the country but he not only resisted such pressure but argued for a smart lockdowm.
    The establishment of Tiger force, distributing cash for the poor and making sure that there was no panic that took place even in rich countries like USA, UK, Italy, Spain and France would not happen in Pakistan. According to a recent Gallup poll 82% Pakistanis approve of his handling of the Coronavirus and many international organizations like World Economic Forum, EU parliament and now Amnesty has appreciated PTI government’s work.
    Great work, PM Khan. Stay on course.


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