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Allama Zameer Akhtar Says He Does Not Mind Memes Poking Fun At Him

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Shia religious scholar Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi has said that he doesn’t mind the memes poking fun at him on social media platforms. He even asked the internet users to make more memes on him.

Zameer Naqvi in a video message has said that the words or phrases he used in his lectures and interviews can be used efficiently in poetry. While talking about the internet memes, he said: “Keep making memes on me as my message is being successfully propagated through them.” Although he asked the social media users to not insult him.

Earlier, the religious scholar had claimed that he knows the cure to treat the infected patients of coronavirus but he refused to share it, saying “I don’t want more internet trolling.” He said that he has complete knowledge regarding the origin and transmission of the coronavirus. “I understand the intensity and impact of the virus. The virus has affected the people all over the globe in a way similar to the atom bomb attacks,” he had said.

He further urged the government officials to get in touch with him in this regard so that he can have a ‘serious’ discussion with them about the cure of coronavirus.


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