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‘We Pray Here Without Any Fear’: Mosques Defy Sindh Lockdown

KARACHI: Several mosques in the provincial capital on Friday defied the Sindh government’s ‘complete lockdown’ orders and held the congregational prayers as per routine.

Although the lockdown in Karachi has been effective by and large, certain mosques in the city refused to obey the orders and held the Friday prayers in large congregations.

One prayer leader said that the government could not enforce the lockdown by force since a city of almost 20 million was nearly impossible to govern with the help of sheer force.

However, out of the four mosques in the area, three remained closed on Friday while only one remained functional.

It is important to note though that even the mosques that remained open didn’t receive normal crowds. The attendance was thin. Religious clerics may not have been cooperating with the government but the people of Karachi are acting with great maturity and caution.

However, reports from other parts of the province indicate that the lockdown hasn’t been very effective in smaller cities and villages.

A resident of Qambar Shahdad Kot told Express Tribune that the number of people at the Friday prayer had not dwindled at all. “The partial ban is only in cities and towns, people here pray five times a day without any fear,” he added.


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