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UAE Companies Fire 10,000 Pakistanis As COVID-19 Continues To Pillage Economies

Pakistanis in UAE

DUBAI: At least 10,000 Pakistanis living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have lost their jobs so far due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, Pakistani Consul General in UAE, Ahmed Amjad Ali, revealed on Tuesday.

According to reports, thousands of Pakistanis and foreign nationals in the UAE have been forced to leave their jobs during the last few weeks in the oil-rich Middle-Eastern country.

12 people have died in the UAE so far and 2,659 people have been tested positive for the Coronavirus in the emirates so far in the country.

Ahmed Amjad Ali told that the Pakistani consulate in Dubai has been contacted by over 35,000 expatriate Pakistanis in the country for returning to Pakistan and the preparations are being made for the purpose. Dubai authorities have also confirmed that they will operate special flights to fly Pakistani expatriates stranded in the UAE back to Pakistan.

On Sunday, hundreds of Pakistanis had violated the lockdown to protest outside the Pakistani consulate.

More than a million Pakistanis live in the UAE. It is one of the biggest suppliers of labour to the brotherly Islamic country.

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