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Truck Carrying 400 ration Bags Robbed In Hyderabad

  • 21

A mob of people hijacked and robbed a truck carrying about 400 ration bags for distribution among the daily wage workers in Hyderabad.

The Express Tribune reported that the truck was headed towards Niaz cricket stadium, which was near the aimed distribution point. A mob of men women and children from the surrounding locality raided it near Giddu Naka area. The jurisdiction comes under Hussainabad Police.

The bags are claimed to worth around Rs. 650,000 and were loaded from the factory of contractor Mehmood Rajput.

Qasimabad municipal committee Chairman Kashif Shoro said that he was not aware of the distribution program which was to be handled by assistant commissioner, Gada Hussain Soomro, in whose jurisdiction the robbery took place.

The truck driver and the contractor were attacked by the mob of women, children and men who had come from the suburbs of the same area.

The district administration, which has not officially started the distribution of rations even two weeks into the lock-down, last week calculated that 165,000 poor families in Hyderabad will need the support.


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