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Taxi Driver Taking Coronavirus Patients To Hospital For Free Gets Applause From Doctors

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MADRID: A taxi driver was greeted with a huge round of applause at the Centro de Salud Ramón y Cajal in Alcorcón, Madrid for taking Coronavirus patients to hospital for free.

The driver had brought patients suspected of having Coronavirus to the hospital and had refused to charge for it. The doctors worried that he might have contracted the virus and tested him for it.

As he entered the hospital to receive his test report, he was greeted by the medical staff with warm applause. A senior doctor then came forward, handed him a gift from the staff and also informed him that he had tested negative for Coronavirus.

The doctors told that they wanted to thank the compassionate cab driver for his act of kindness. Overwhelmed by the good news and the applause he had received, the driver burst into tears and thanked the doctors for their gesture.

Watch the video:

Over 200,000 people in Spain have contracted Coronavirus so far. 20,852 people have died while over 80 thousand people have recovered from the deadly virus. During the last 24 hours, the country has suffered 399 deaths at the hands of COVID-19.


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