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Tariq Jameel’s Sexualisation Of Women Will Promote Rape Culture

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In a recent clip that got viral on social media, renowned cleric Tariq Jameel spoke about the hoors of jannat in a way that objectified women’s bodies as a mere source of pleasure for men. His act of describing the minutest details of the physical appearance of the hoors is not something one can watch sitting alongside one’s family.

Tariq Jameel said that the hoors would be dressed in multiple layers of outfits, but their body will still be visible, and that they will have a separate makeup look to match each outfit. Not to mention a ‘different fragrance’. That’s not all, the Maulana let his imagination run wild and said that the hoor will not be wearing any undergarments and the men will be able to see her body through the hundred dresses that she’s wearing.

“The first sight at that hoor will also leave the man dumbfounded and his eyes will burst out open”, he added.

Coming from a cleric who is considered a respectable personality and often rubs shoulders with the country’s high officials including the prime minister, this absurd statement cannot and should not be taken lightly. In a country where sexual violence against women is rampant, such blatant sexualization of women would promote rape culture. The way he described the bodies of the hoors implies that women are all about their bodies and their appearances.

It also shows that when it comes to rewards for good deeds, men cannot think beyond sex to fulfill their lust. Tariq Jameel’s focus on hoors is problematic because it also insults the Quranic teachings. Nowhere does the Quran mention that hoors will look like what Tariq Jameel keeps on saying.

Renowned Islamic cleric Javed Ghamidi’s views on the concept of hoors are much more balanced and he appears to be preaching the true meaning of what Allah means when he promises hoors in the afterlife.

In a recent interview, Javed Ghamidi was asked about hoors and his response was what a lot of people including Tariq Jameel need to hear. He said that hoor is a mere adjective, not a creature and that it can be considered a human attribute.

He further said that the man’s wife will be his hoor in jannah, and her attributes and qualities are what will be the reward from God.

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