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Taher Shah’s Farishta Takes Over Twitterverse

On Friday night, Taher Shah, a name of originality, released his new song, Farishta, and nothing has been the same on Twitterverse since then.

In the times of coronavirus, when our timelines, television screens and brains are all marred with tragic news that riles up our anxiety, and very rightly so, musicians and artists have kept us alive. To break through the clutter of every day news content, Taher Shah chose the perfect timing for a new masterpiece.

Unlike his previous works of art, Eye to Eye and Mankind’s Angel, which were in English, the new song, Farishta is sung in Urdu. Farishta is an animated take on Shah’s idea of philosophy of human kind, that he also talks about in his blockbuster Mankind’s Angel, as I would like to believe. What has disappointed a lot of fans this time, is that Shah himself does not make an appearance in the song video. Initially, Shah’s unique persona and screen presence is what contributed to his fame, besides his incomparable music compositions, of course.

Humans of the Twitterverse were anticipating this song since last year, when Taher Shah announced on his Twitter account that another piece of art was under-works. Soon after the video was released, screenshots of its animated characters went viral. It was, duly, a little underwhelming because people are always expecting new ideas from Shah, as he has built up his brand. But to be truly unpredictable is also an act that the musician has mastered by now, so really, he still wins.

We’re leaving a few of our favourite memes here, that have come out of the music video, for the much needed comic relief.


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  1. Jibran April 11, 2020

    Literally had no idea someone could write a beautiful piece about Taher Shah’s Farishta, who is this Farishta author?


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