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Switzerland Projects Pakistan Flag On Matterhorn Mountain For Solidarity In Fight Against Corona

In an act of solidarity, Switzerland projected the flag of Pakistan on its famous Matterhorn mountain to express support for the people of the country in the fight against the pandemic.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus crisis in Switzerland, different symbols are being projected every night onto the Matterhorn, the iconic mountain of Switzerland. The people of Switzerland termed these illuminations as symbols of hope and they are showing solidarity with all countries which are currently suffering from the coronavirus crisis.

On Friday’s night, Pakistan’s national flag graced the Matterhorn mountain. The projection was dedicated to the people of Pakistan with the message: “In Pakistan with high mountains like Switzerland, the spread of the coronavirus is on the rise. We show solidarity with the people of Pakistan and wish them much strength.”

The photo of the flag being projected on the famous mountain was later shared on social media.


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Naya Daur