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Singer Salman Ahmed Comes Up With Absurd Theory About Recovery From COVID-19

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Music band Junoon‘s singer Salman Ahmad, who contracted coronavirus in the US and has been in quarantine for over two weeks, has said that having fennel seeds with water can save us from coronavirus.

In a live television show on Samaa Tv, Ahmad said that he comes from a family of doctors and the only times they have turned to big pharmaceutical medicines is under very extreme circumstances.

He claims that having six fennel seeds in lukewarm water, every morning, afternoon and evening is the ultimate way of saving ourselves from catching the infection. Honey and lemon, he says, function as anti-oxidants in this concoction.

He also suggests that menthol infused steam for anyone who feels their throat going dry, three times a day, can prevent the virus from further reaching their lungs and will be cancelled out in the throat.

In other news,Islamic preacher, Maulana Tariq Jameel, had claimed that ajwa dates can be the cure to coronavirus. Another religious scholar, Taqi Usmani had earlier claimed that coronavirus is an international conspiracy and it will not be affecting Muslims.

However, as of today, 9505 people have been affected by the novel respiratory virus Covid-19 in Pakistan, and 197 people have lost their lives. According to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s orders the country has been observing a nationwide shutdown since mid of March, 2020.


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