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Senior Doctors Demand Strict Lockdown, Urge Ulema To Keep Mosques Closed

Doctors in Karachi have warned the government about the healthcare system collapsing because of the premature ease in the lockdown. In a press conference at Karachi Press Club, Pakistan Medical Association Secretary General Dr Qaiser Sajjad said that the lockdown has become a ‘joke’ and the cases that test positive have been increasing every day.

The country’s already handicapped medical facilities have been facing a very tough time since the government announced an ease in lockdown to facilitate certain industries to keep running. He said that such big decisions were taken for the country without involving any technical person who is dealing with the coronavirus crisis every day, on ground.

Dr Sajjad also brought to notice how that the government has made a wrong decision and our ulema have demonstrated extreme insensitivity by playing with human lives.

He also questioned the 20 points of SOP that the President, Arif Alvi had announced in accordance with the ulema for the re-opening of mosques during ramzan. The points, he says, are too vague and difficult to implement and even if they do get strictly regulated, it will be too late by then.

Dr Atif Hafeez Siddiqui also urged religious scholars to “review their decision” to keep mosques open.

He also brought to notice that religious scholars from all sectors need to understand that saving lives is of foremost importance in the epidemic. They should endorse the need to keep common people away from congregations in mosques.

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