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Religious Extremists Visit Grave Of Ahmadi Doctor With Suspicious Motives

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Two men allegedly associated with Tehreek-e-Khatame Nabuwat mysteriously visited the grave of Ahmadi doctor Naqiuddin at an Ahmadiyya community graveyard in Islamabad with ‘ill intentions’, according to the community’s spokesperson.

Dr Naqiuddin died of coronavirus on Saturday after contracting the deadly virus during the treatment of infected patients at his private clinic. Saleem-ud-Din, the spokesperson of Ahmadiyya community Pakistan  took to Twitter to inform people about the incident. He said, “2 thugs who identified themselves from Tehreek e Khatam e Nabuwat came to Ahmadiyya graveyard in Islamabad today. They said they are sent by the authorities to inspect the grave of Dr Naqiuddin.”

He said that the said incident was reported to Islamabad police, after which the Station House Officer (SHO) did not allow the members of Tehreek-e-Khatame Nabuwat to visit the grave of the late doctor. The spokesperson quoted the SHO as saying, “These people do not have the permission to visit the graveyard. They may be having ill designs so they should not be entertained.”

Members of Ahmadi community in Pakistan remain at the receiving end of persecution and there have been several incidents of their graves being desecrated by extremist mobs. Therefore, activists feared that the unknown men’s presence at Dr Naqiuddin’s grave might be yet another instance of vandalisation of graves of Ahmadis out of sheer bigotry.

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Saleem-ud-Din further said that the audacity of these ‘thugs’ was mysterious. “Our heroes who died serving humanity are not even safe from fitna in their graves,” he added.

Reportedly, Dr Naqiuddin contracted coronavirus while treating a foreigner at his private clinic in Islamabad. Later, he was admitted in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), where he died on Saturday.


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