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Religious Extremists Chop Off Policeman’s Hand For Enforcing Lockdown In India

Police officer got his hand slashed by a sword by a group of Hindu extremists in India, for upholding the lock-down regulations. Six more police personnel were injured in the scuffle, for reprimanding the lockdown violators.

BBC reported that the assault happened in Patiala district on Monday when a group of men were punished for violating the lockdown restrictions.

The group of religious extremists then escaped to the nearby village and opened fire at the authorities chasing them. They came out after police eventually called for reinforcement; the publication added.

The severed hand was successfully reattached, the doctors had updated, and is on the way to recovery now, said the report.

Three separate cases — of attempted murder, grievous bodily harm, and attack on a public servant — were registered against the accused.

India is undergoing a nationwide lockdown, as announced by Narendra Modi for the prevention of coronavirus spread since there have been more than 9000 cases of the virus with 331 reported deaths.


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