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Quarantined Coronavirus Patients In Mansehra Complain Of Lack Of Facilities

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The residents of Mansehra have complained of the poor healthcare system of the district, which lacks even basic quarantine facilities for catering to the coronavirus patients, while the district administration claims that all facilities are available.

If the government could not provide proper environment for medical isolation, it should let the infected people self-quarantine at their homes, says Muhammad Junaid, a coronavirus patient under quarantine in Elementary College Mansehra.

In a video that went viral on social media this week, he says, “I am here since two days and so far, no doctor or paramedical staff visited me for check-up,” adding that he does not even know what health issues he is suffering from as his coronavirus test result is yet to come”.

In his video message, he says that not only him but his entire family has been quarantined and under mental stress due to the poor conditions in which they are forced to live.

His father is hepatitis patient and needs special care and timely food, but he has to wait hours for his breakfast. He feats this can deteriorate his father’s health.

Junaid, a resident of Dhodial, and six other family members were tested positive for coronvirus few days back, as per assistant deputy commissioner Mansehra. Junaid’s mother and a brother are under treatment in Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad and King Abdullah Teaching Hospital Mansehra respectively.  Four other family members, including Junaid are quarantined in the College.

Junaid said that they had kept themselves under quarantined at home and they were taking good healthcare of each other as well, but since we are brought here all of them are feeling down and upset and also deprived of healthy food, which is important to defeat the deadly disease.

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No arrangement to maintain room temperature, get steam, hot drinking waters, and warm blanket to prevent patients from severe cold night of Mansehra, he deplored.

Nothing is available here except a bed [charpaoi] and a water cooler, he says while capturing the facilities provided in the college room where he is quarantined.

Assistant Deputy Commissioner Mensehra Maqbool Hussain when asked about non-availability of facilities, denied the claims. He said all basic facilities for coronavirus patients along with lavish diet were being provided to all quarantined patients.

ADC Maqbool Hussain further said that 265 cases have been reported so far, including 49 confirmed coronavirus positive and 166 negative.

There are only four ventilators for the entire district. When asked, Muqbool Hussain said these are enough to meet their requirement as very few patients so far needed ventilators and all of them died a few hours after they were shifted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

If a person health turns critical, it doesn’t matter if you place the patient on ventilators or not, he said.

The ADC said medical teams dealing with suspected coronvirus patients have been equipped with all necessary equipment. However, he said, that the health workers dealing with coronavirus patients need special training so that they can keep themselves protected from the virus.

Our special medical teams remain on duty for 24 hours a day at union, tehsil and district levels and if a person is found with symptoms of coronvirus these special teams conduct test of the suspected person and entire family free of cost test.

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The district has around 50 tests per day capacity and the situation is under control so far, Hussain said.



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