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Punjab Police Breaches Privacy Of Girl, Shares Her Video On Social Media

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    Punjab police is facing criticism for putting up a video of a boy and a girl who were interrogated for crossing the Lahore Ring Road. The police personnel (unknown) in the video, is verbally harassing the girl while pointing fingers at her.

    The boy was caught impersonating a motorway police officer by wearing an allegedly borrowed uniform. He is also shown in the video later and the police official in the video is seen threatening him to take legal action.

    The cop then proceeds to tell the adult woman that the police will ‘call her parents’ and she will be sent home with them.

    According to the Cyber Crime Law, making and distributing videos of a person on the internet without their consent or under forcible conditions is punishable for upto 3 years in prison or a fine of Rs. 1 million, or both.

    People on Twitter have called out the police officer for his behaviour.

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