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Punjab Announces 20% Cut In School Fee Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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In the wake of coronavirus province-wide lockdown, Punjab government has announced 20 percent tuition fee concession of private schools for the months of April and May. However, the parents and private schools’ bodies have rejected the decision.

DAWN reported that Punjab Minister for School Education Murad Raas held a meeting with Parents Action Committee (PAC) members on Monday and announced 20pc concession in the tuition fee. The minister took to Twitter and said, ““All Private School Fees to be discounted by 20% for the months of April & May 2020. CM Usman Buzdar just made the announcement. School Education Department wants to help the parents of Punjab in these difficult times. We will stand by you.”

However, the PAC has rejected the provincial government’s decision, saying that the meeting was inconclusive. They demanded the government to first implement the Supreme Court order [June last year] about fee cut. The PAC members in their video message said Mr Raas had called a meeting with them but did not discuss anything with them and announced concession on his own.
“It was a failed negotiation, the minister had called us for a photo session and we reject 20pc concession in tuition fee.”

Moreover, Private School Association President Zofran Elahi also rejected Punjab government’s decision of fee concession and said, “80pc of schools do not have capacity and can’t afford any concession in fee. The administrations of private schools do not have any bank balance to pay salaries of the teachers and rent of schools’ buildings. He further said that the government should also announce 20 percent cut in the salaries of school staff and rent of its building.

“The government is not taking measures without knowing about ground realities and checking facts. We cannot give fee concession as we have already reduced the fee on the orders of the Supreme Court,” he added.


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