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Post-Coronavirus World Will Be More Virtually Connected

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The Coronavirus pandemic has allowed us some time to rethink our lives. We were unable to find quality time to spend with our family members. We only thought about earning our livelihoods and struggled to manage a decent lifestyle. Our lives had turned mechanical. We were barely managing a moderate sleep every day. We didn’t even have the time to share our stories with our children and siblings, and hardly ever paused to listen to our parents. Some of us hadn’t watched a movie in years. Our hectic routines kept us occupied.

But this virus has changed everything. We have finally come to know the meaning of existence. We’ve realised that we were created with a purpose. The last three weeks have changed each one of us.

The virus has forced humans to obey the laws of nature. He no longer threatens it with his destructive character. The flora and fauna finally have some relief from the pollution. The air quality has improved. The wind is free of the smoke that our factories and automobiles generate.

Nature has created a balance among all the creatures that share this planet. Now birds can chirp without the fear of being hunted down. Flowers can bloom. This is possible in Pakistan only when humans are in a lockdown.

Humans may also enjoy this rare opportunity to chat, sing, listen to music, and complain even, but they are forced to not touch each other. They have to maintain social distance.

Meanwhile, some people cannot afford to remain indoors as they have no other option but to manage their livelihoods by going out and find labour. If the COVID-19 continues, they too at some point will have to adopt the restrictions. We must all be very careful in the future to survive.

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Such global lockdowns have been unheard of. But it gives us time to think and evaluate our actions that are destroying our environment.

The post-coronavirus world will be different. We will move towards a more virtual lifestyle. We will now have to re-design the indicators of the quality of life. The interactions with the family and the friends may be different from what they used to be. Online friendships, online shopping, virtual education, virtual professions, and online entertainment will probably define the new way of life. We may even develop a fear of physical human interaction. The virtual world will be more important than the real one now.


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