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Police Stops Friday Prayers At Lal Masjid Over SOP Violation, Abdul Aziz Threatens Protest

Islamabad police has banned Lal Masjid from holding any prayers on its premises following the mosque administration’s violation of the restrictions during the Friday prayers today. The police surrounded the mosque and blocked the nearby roads.

Maulana Abdul Aziz, in response to the ban, has asked all students from madrassas all over the country to come out and unite ‘in the name of religion’.

The local government took notice of congregational prayers taking place as per routine and ordered the police to make arrests. Hafiz Ehtisham, the caretaker of the mosque has reported that police surrounded the mosque yesterday and since Thursday, arrests are being made.

After the announcement of strict regulations of a nationwide lockdown, Abdul Aziz continued leading prayers for the last three weeks, at the Laal Masjid, unlawfully. He said, “We will not listen to any regulations that go against the Shariah“.

Earlier, in a TV interview, senior anchor, Hamid Mir had asked the President about one mosque in Islamabad that had been violating the SOPs for public gatherings in all of Pakistan and there was no action being taken against them. This has possibly lead to the state’s crackdown on Laal Masjid, and the police has been actively monitoring the violators in the mosque.


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