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PM Imran Vows Not To Spare Sugar Mafia But Remains On Good Terms With Tareen

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Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would not spare the architects of sugar crisis in the country, adding that the premier and sugar tycoon Jahangir Tareen are still on good terms.

Sheikh Rashid, while talking to a press conference on Wednesday, said: “Jahangir Tareen is an important member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). I don’t think there are differences between him and the prime minister. PM Imran has made it clear he will not spare those responsible for the sugar and wheat crisis in the country.”

He said that in the past, many mill owners had benefited from the government subsidies. “When the [forensic] report will be issued on April 25, everything will be in front of everyone,” he added.

In an earlier press conference, the railways minister had rejected the impression that there were now two groups in the government after the sugar and wheat crisis inquiry report became public.

The minister had said whosoever was involved in the sugar and wheat crises should get an ‘exemplary punishment’. He also claimed that he first raised the issue of the wheat and sugar crisis in the Economic Coordination Council (ECC) and cabinet meetings.

“Asad Umar did not give subsidy to anyone. Jahangir Tareen enjoys warm relations with the prime minister and this would remain so,” the minister had said earlier.


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