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PM Imran Justifies Decision To Re-Open Mosques, Says We Are ‘Independent Nation’

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has justified the government’s decision to re-open mosques for congregational prayers, saying that Pakistan is an ‘independent nation’ and people want to go to mosques in Ramzan. He added that he felt ‘very bad’ when he sees police beating up people for violating the restrictions on mass prayers.

The PM said, “Do we forcibly stop people from going to the mosques? And do we put them in jail if they want to pray in the mosques?” He went on to say that such practice cannot be enforced in an ‘independent society’.
The PM said that people decide what is better for the country and what is not after using their ‘independent minds’.

The PM’s statement comes two days after Minister Fawad Chaudhry had stated during a talk show that the government was held hostage by clerics over the issue of ban on prayers. The minister had strongly criticised the clerics who negotiated with the government and said that they never contributed to research or knowledge about the Islamic studies.


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