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Pakistan’s First Recovered Covid-19 Patient Donates Plasma To Save Lives Of Other Patients

Pakistan’s first recovered patient of coronavirus, Yahya Jaffery, on Thursday donated his plasma for the treatment of infected coronavirus patients across the country.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Children’s Hospital Karachi Dr Saqib Ansari in his press conference along with Yahya and his parents requested the government to permit the use of plasma for coronavirus treatment, claiming that it would help save lives of those affected by the pandemic.

“We need no funds, new machinery or workforce as Children’s Hospital Karachi is ready to offer its services free of cost,” he maintained, adding that his team was fighting the pandemic on three fronts: identifying patients, treating them and controlling the panic in society.

Yahya Jaffery, while announcing to donate his plasma for the treatment of coronavirus patients said, “In the near future, the virus will become history and all only our resolve and determination to defeat this pandemic will be remembered.”

Talking about recent medical advances, Dr Ansari further said that the plasma of recovered coronavirus patients was being used in several parts of the developed world. “Plasma therapy is only applied to the critically ill patients, while around 90 per cent of coronavirus patients recover without being admitted to intensive care units,” he added.


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