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Pakistani Stars Stranded In Thailand ‘Waiting For Some Special Flight’

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Muhib Mirza’s directorial debut was being filmed in Thailand when Pakistan decided to close its airspace due to the fear of Coronavirus spread. Now, the cast and crew of the movie are stranded in Thailand, ‘waiting for some special flight’.

Talking to Express Tribune, Shamoon Abbasi, one of the leading stars acting in the movie, said that the team was patiently waiting for Pakistan to reopen its airspace but earlier this week, when PIA revealed the list of countries it’ll be opening its services for and Thailand wasn’t one of those countries.

Abbasi said that Thailand is also mulling closing its airspace soon and if that happens ‘then we’re doomed’.

Sanam Saeed, Mani, Sara Loren, Hassan Shehryar Yasin, and Mustafa Chaudhry are other prominent actors working in the movie.

Mustafa Chaudhry, along with three other members had already returned to Pakistan but the other members are still stuck in Thailand. Muhib Mirza says that the shooting finished on March 25 but by then Pakistani airspace had been closed for international flights.

Mirza uploaded a video on Instagram and confirmed that 21 members of the crew were still stranded and since they were not expecting a prolonged stay, they have limited resources now to deal with the situation.


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The female leads of the movie Sanam Saeed and Sara Loren are also in Thailand with the crew. However, the two have travelled a lot during their professional careers, said Muhib Mirza, and they are not panicking at all.

The stars urged the government to arrange some special flight that would bring the stranded stars back to Pakistan.


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