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Mosques Using Low Cost Water-Dettol Mixture As Sanitizer

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    Despite the strict regulations of the lockdown and widespread contagion of coronavirus, most mosques have still been functioning at full capacity for the month of Ramzan. World Health Organisation’s (WHO) had suggested otherwise, because mass gathering of people is the biggest threat for the spread of the virus.

    However, a twenty pointer SOP was released by the President, Arif Alvi, to protect the people who will be visiting the mosques during ramzan. Under the agreement, the mosques around the city have started installing sanitisation mechanisms and disinfectant sprays in the hopes of keeping their premises contagion-free.

    Express Tribune reported that a local mosque administrator, Asif Iqbal said, that many mosques have installed wash basins outside the mosque, as a part of obeying the SOP orders. 

    He also said that mosques and imambargahs of Karachi will thoroughly comply with the guidelines agreed between the president and ulemas while encouraging health and safety practices among the worshipers.

    The mosques are also concerned for the charity they used to get in the month of Ramzan because now it is being aimed at the coronavirus lockdown inflicted people. He also said that the mosque cannot afford to keep sanitizers for everyone who visits.

    He added that making the best of their resources, they have come up with a more low-cost alternative by using mist fans filled with a mixture of water and Dettol and placing them across the mosque. The water-Dettol mixture works the same as disinfectant liquid and when placed at the mosque entrance, the mechanism functions in the same way as an expensive sanitisation gate or tunnel would.

    However, doctors suggest that such mechanisms mostly offer a false sense of safety against the virus, which is more harmful than beneficial. They have also claimed that these sprays, if used over the long term, can irritate and harm sensitive areas like our eyes and skin, so are not recommendable.

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