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Mosques To Re-Open In Ramzan Under Set Of Conditions, Announces President Alvi

  • 17

President Arif Alvi held a meeting with the top clerics of the country on Saturday to discuss social distancing regulations during Ramzan. It has been decided that mosques will re-open in Ramzan and the congregational prayers will be held under a number of conditions.

The president said that he was positive about the preventive measures that the mosque leaders will ensure in order for the prayers to take place safely for the citizens.

He also read out a plan consisting of 20 points that all mosques have to follow. Some of them include:

  • All mosques are to get ride of carpets as prayer mats
  • Clean the floors with chlorinated water
  • Mark people at a distance of 6 feet to ensure social distancing
  • People over 50 years of age and children should not be allowed
  • Mosques should form committees to follow Standard Operating Procedures
  • Those committees will hold people accountable for violating the regulations set in place
  • People should perform ablution at home
  • People may bring prayers mats from home
  • Preferable to pray in the open if the mosque has such an area or garden
  • Taraweeh should not be conducted on roads, footpaths and anywhere else other than mosques
  • Avoid handshakes
  • No Sehri or Iftari in mosques

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