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Mosque Imam Incites Citizens To Attack Policemen For Stopping Jummah Prayers In Karachi

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Karachi: An enraged mob attacked policemen in the provincial capital on Friday when they attempted to stop congregational prayers being held in violation of the ban announced by the government as a measure against the spread of coronavirus.

The incident took place in Karachi’s Liaquatabad area. A video shared by Express Tribune shows residents trying to rescue the policemen amid the mob attack.

According to reports, the prayer leader (Imam) incited people to attack the policemen who had come to act against the attendees of the congregational prayer for defying the ban. Sindh police have been facing difficulties in implementing the ban on mass prayers as citizens in some areas reportedly participated in congregational prayers held on Friday (today).

Top clerics of  the country have not issued a clear decree against religious gatherings and mass prayers, which can be termed as a reason why the ban is being resisted by the citizens.


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