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Mansha Pasha Lashes Out At Kangana Ranaut For Fake Progressiveness

Mansha Pasha has been spreading sass through her Twitter during quarantine. The Laal Kabootar actress, on April 13, tweeted about the skewed ways of Kangana Ranaut’s popularity.

She said that Kangana used progressive politics to win the hearts of people, called out privilege and nepotism, only so she could get her fans to believe that she came all the way up on merit. But then later grew into a Modi supporter and stood with him for being a true democratic leader, because people ‘chose’ him and he also got his success through merit.

Later, the internet’s support for Kangana diminished when she spoke in favour of the Civil Amendment Bill and demonized the nationwide protests of Muslims under siege.

The internet has often applauded Kangana for her feminist politics in moments when she came out about Hrithik Roshan for being an emotionally abusive partner or the power theatrics that Bollywood functions within.

Mansha’s tweet did make sense, but left many curious as to why Kangana has become relevant again, all of a sudden.

Mansha further warned that people should be aware of such tactics when people try to get popular through exploiting the values of their followers.

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