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Kim Jong Un’s Absence From State Media Sparks Speculation On His Health

Speculation in the world media continues around the absence of Kim Jong Un, the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly known as North Korea. Much of this has to do with his physical absence from the public spotlight in North Korea – with the state-controlled media making no reference to his current whereabouts.

While North Korean media has continued to present an image of ‘business as usual’, with images, past comments and quotes of Kim being given a prominent place, the leader himself appears to be absent from public events. This first came to attention in the global media after he was not seen at the birthday celebrations of the North Korean state’s founding father and Kim’s own grandfather, Kim Il Sung.

Even though South Korean and US media have suggested that the North Korean leader is seriously ill, sources familiar with the workings of the regime are not convinced of this possibility.

“I just hope he’s doing fine,” US President Donald Trump told a White House news conference on Tuesday. “I’ve had a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un. And I’d like to see him do well. We’ll see how he does. We don’t know if the reports are true.”

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