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Justice Isa Writes Moving Letter To CJ Requesting Ban On Mass Prayers On SC Premises

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Supreme Court Justice Qazi Faez Isa has written a letter to Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad, requesting him to ban congregational prayers on the Supreme Court premises. He wrote that preservation of life is the foremost duty of a Muslim and hence, bringing congregational prayers at a halt during Ramzan is completely justified according to the teachings of Islam.

Keeping yourself and the people around you safe, is a religious duty, he said. The closure of mosques does not mean that one cannot pray at home, it just means to not pray in a gathering to prevent the spread of a life threatening disease.

He said that it has not been started by any Islamic scholars that “irrespective of the danger to life”, prayers in mosques should continue.

Earlier, as congregational prayers on the Supreme Court premises continued, Justice Isa approached the chief justice to stop this practice till the prevalence of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Responding to Justice Isa’s letter, the CJP asked him to give ‘religious basis’ for his proposal.

Justice Isa said that doctors will have a better understanding of the virus, than the religious scholars. The SC judge says that experts suggest that the virus spreads from one person to another due to proximity and it can kill. In mosques during prayer, “we often touch strangers and do repeatedly touch our forehead to the floor, which many before have touched and breathed upon, and many after will do so. In the time of this virulent pandemic let us turn to the Holy Qur’an for guidance”.


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