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Prayer Leader, Others Who Attacked Female Police Officer Granted Pre-Arrest Bails

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A Karachi court granted pre-arrest bail to the men who attacked and injured a female police official for enforcing the ban on jummah congregations at Jamia Masjid in Karachi.

According to a report in Dawn, Jamia Masjid’s prayer leader, Abdul Rehman and two members of the administrative committee, along with 25 others were booked, for inciting violence, attacking the police mobile and continuing with the congregational prayers despite the lockdown that was enforced to control the spread of coronavirus.

Sharafat, a sub inspector at the Sindh Police active force duty, was scuffled by scores of religiously charged men, as shown in the video that made rounds on social media this Friday.

The Orangi town mosque has been notorious for religious extremism and did not follow the orders of avoiding a public gathering, calling for hundreds of men in congregation for the Friday prayers.

Sindh police has been facing difficulties in ensuring the Covid-19 prevention ban on congregational prayers. Last week, on Friday, there were reports of people defying restrictions and entering mosques for the prayers en-masse.


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  1. Mohammad Nafees April 15, 2020

    The perpetrators must be having a great laugh carrying a hidden taunt at her saying, “See, what we can do to you and your so-called authority!”


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