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Israel Claims Success In Making Coronavirus Vaccine Prototype

Amid the current alarming coronavirus situation around the world, Israel’s top research institute has claimed success in developing the prototype of coronavirus vaccine.

Shmuel Shapira, the director of Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the institute has started testing the newly-developed prototype at their bio-chemical defense laboratory.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has confirmed that the vaccine was ready for testing. Moreover, the international news agency Reuters reported that the trial of the vaccine had already started.

“We are trying as much as we can to collaborate and have other ideas from other people. Arranging an animal test-subject was a massive challenge for us as the virus is not affecting animals. However, I believe that a successful test on animals does not guarantee success on human test subjects as well,” Eran Zahavy, the chief innovation officer of IIBR said.

The prime minister of Israel had earlier directed IIBR – known for making biochemical weapons for Israel – to develop an anti-coronavirus vaccine.

IIBR is a top government biochemical research institute, and its officials rarely make public interaction. However, for this purpose, they collaborated with civilian scientists and private firms and dedicated three groups to the task.

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