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Good News: Leading Scientist “80% Confident” Coronavirus Vaccine Be Ready in 6 Months

People’s hopes have risen as the Professor at Oxford University Sarah Gilbert leading a team of scientists in London says that she is “80% confident” the coronavirus vaccine would be ready by September 2020. Meanwhile, human trials are to be begun by the next two weeks. 

 As per a report by The Bloomberg, following are key developments so far:

  • Coronavirus Tracker: Global cases reach 1.9 million; deaths top 118,000
  • WHO says 70 coronavirus vaccines in development globally
  • Spain reports smallest number of new infections since March 20
  • Trump’s corona task force lead Physician Anthony Fauci says reopening could start ‘in some ways’ in May

Given the cases worldwide, manufacturing and delivering vaccine doses in millions remains a daunting challenge. The British government has signalled funding, and starting production before the final results are in, allowing the public to access the vaccine immediately if it proves to work. Gilbert said success by the autumn was “just about possible if everything goes perfectly,” quotes the London based newspaper Times.

On the other hand, experts have warned the public that vaccines typically take years to develop, and one for the coronavirus could take between 12 to 18 months at best. However, in the case of the Oxford team led by Professor Gilbert: “its not just a hunch, and as every week goes by we have more data to look at,” Gilbert told the Times.

“WHO Says 70 Vaccines in the Works, With Three Leading Candidates”

There are 70 coronavirus vaccines currently in development worldwide, with three candidates already being tested in human trials, according to the World Health Organization. The drug companies racing to find a cure for the deadly virus is a good news. The details of some of these developments can be found in here.

The furthest along in the clinical process is an experimental vaccine developed by Hong Kong-listed CanSino Biologics Inc. and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, which is in phase 2. The other two being tested in humans are treatments developed separately by U.S. drugmakers Moderna Inc. and Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc., according to a WHO document.

The good news lurks ahead that if new infections stabilize and hygiene measures are followed strictly, the lockdown would be gradually eased. People are facing immense mental stress confined to their homes. The craving for resumption of normal lives is multiplying as days pass by. In such dark times, there is a hope, a light at the end of the tunnel as scientists now claim the vaccine could be ready rather sooner than expected.

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