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Female Doctors Urge People To Stay Home, Ask Businessmen To Stop Opposing Lockdown

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A number of female doctors urged people to stay home and not make the coronavirus situation worse for them and be considerate of the ‘pressure’ on doctors. They said that the people need to stop coming out of their homes ‘unnecessarily’ and that will help the healthcare providers who are currently under pressure due to the surge in coronavirus cases.

Dr Nusrat Shah, a gynaecologist working at the Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi, said that they were receiving pregnant patients every day who were seriously ill and she emphasised on how the virus is putting women at threat.

“Coronavirus threatens both the mother and the child. The patients that we receive, we intubate them, we try to save them but we are unable to,” she said, mentioning how pregnant women are the worst affected by the infection.

She also said that the doctors have been falling victim to the virus every other day and to prevent that, people need to follow the restrictions of the lockdown by themselves, without the government having to enforce them because ‘if the doctors start dying, there will be no one left to look after the patients’.

Dr Nusrat also said that the doctors cannot be wasting precious time that the might be saving lives in, to do the government’s job. She said that Tableeghi Jamat was an example of how this virus spreads very fast. “Probably only one or two people had the virus, but just because they did not take precautions, now most of them have it,” she added.

She said that doctors will not be able to work on treatments and developing vaccines if the authorities fail to ensure that precautionary measures are being taken.

The female doctors also requested the businessmen to not think about their profits in this time of crisis and to have some empathy for the women and children contracting viruses because of the men who bring it home.

Another senior Dr Razia said that “80 per cent of the capacity in Karachi hospitals that dealt with coronavirus patients has been filled”. She appealed to people to stay at home, saying that if people followed lockdown measures for one to 1.5 months, it would be “effective” in controlling the spread of Covid-19.

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