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Fake: Kashmiri Woman’s Cheque Falsely Shown As Donation To Pakistan’s Corona Fund

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A Twitter account tweeted picture of an 80-year-old Kashmiri woman along with a cheque claiming that she donated the money she collected for her Hajj pilgrimage to the government of Pakistan for its efforts against the coronavirus.

It was then massively shared by PTI supporters and some even claimed that it was a donation for Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund.


But the information turned out to be false as it was revealed that the woman was from India. And she had not given the donation to Pakistan government, but the money was meant for an NGO affiliated with Hindu extremist group RSS.  However, thousands had shared this fake news by then.  Khalida Begum had saved the money to perform the annual pilgrimage, Hajj, but she decided to donate the money to the NGO instead.

She is the daughter-in-law of Colonel Peer Mohd Khan, who was president of the Jana Sangh, also an RSS affiliate.

“Khalida Begum ji was impressed with the welfare work done by the Sewa Bharati in Jammu and Kashmir during the tough time the country is passing through due to sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and decided to donate Rs 5 lakh to the organisation,” said spokesperson of RSS media wing Arun Anand.

Following is the image of the cheque named to Jammu and Kashmir Bank:

Supporters of the ruling party used Khalida Begum’s cheque, originally meant for a Hindu extremist group, to prove that PM’s fund was functional even before it became operational.


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