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Faisal Qureshi Lashes Out At People Filming Underprivileged Families While Donating

Veteran actor Faisal Qureshi lashed out at people who are documenting the underprivileged families, while donating in the current coronavirus crisis.

As the countrywide coronavirus lockdown is affecting the livelihood of a major segment of Pakistan, the affluent families have rushed to help the vulnerable by donating ration bags.

However, Faysal Qureshi took to Twitter to highlight an issue that many have been ignoring while giving out charities. He said, “For God’s sake, do not click pictures or make videos during your aid.

The actor said that many respectable families have been receiving donations out of helplessness. “Don’t turn their vulnerability into a publicity stunt for yourself. Karma is evil,” Faisal Qureshi said.

Many people agreed to Qureshi’s take in this regard and were of the opinion that publicising pictures of those struggling is both insensitive and unnecessary. One can encourage people to follow suit without demeaning others in the process.

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