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Fact Check: BBC Mistook Eid ul Azha For Muharram In Obituary For Irrfan Khan

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website confused Eid ul Azha with Muharram as an Islamic festival in an obituary for actor Irrfan Khan. It is a factual error where they mentioned Irrfan Khan’s debacle with the Indian Government: “He also upset Muslim leaders by criticising animal sacrifice during the Shia religious festival, Muharram.” Animal sacrifice ritual is associated with the festival of Eid ul Azha and not Muharram.

A Pakistani journalist took to Twitter to point out the factual error in the piece, saying, “I think they mixed up two Islamic festivals there”.

However, BBC has corrected the mistake now and the word ‘Muharram’ has since been removed from the obituary.

Earlier today, Irrfan Khan, Indian actor’s death was announced, leaving the social media in grief. Irrfan was a favourite across all nations and languages in South Asia. Muslims in Pakistan loved him just as much as Hindus in India and their condolences have shown great respect to the legendary performer. The actor lost his battle against colon cancer at the age of 54, leaving behind a legacy of films that the world will cherish for years to come.


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