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Coronavirus Victims Should Be Called Martys, Says Council Of Islamic Ideology

  • 23

Council of Islamic Ideology has said that people who died after being infected by the deadly coronavirus should be referred to as ‘martyrs’.

The Express Tribune reported that Chairman CII Dr Qibla Ayaz, while addressing a press conference, said: “Those dying due to coronavirus should be termed as martyred and ‘killed’ should not be used for them.”

Dr Qibla Ayaz urged the people to follow government’s guidelines regarding coronavirus lockdown and offer Friday prayers at homes.

The national toll of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to 2441 to date, with the provincial governments of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan confirming 920, 783, 311, and 169 cases respectively. The government officials have confirmed 34 coronavirus deaths in the country, while 107 people have recovered successfully and discharged from the hospitals.


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