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CM Balochistan Suggests PTM Behind Doctors’ Protest In Province

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CM Balochistan Jam Kamal has claimed that the protests being held in the province by doctors against the non-availability of protective gear are politically motivated. He suggested that civil rights movement Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) was backing the protesting doctors, hinting that the doctors’ protests were part of a conspiracy.

The CM Balochistan on Thursday shared some tweets and a photo of a Young Doctors Association (YDA)’s delegation meeting with a local leader of PTM, saying “I hope and pray this whole [situation] is not a political motivated move. I will not be expecting this from our young doctors.”

In response to Jam Kamal’s tweet, a PTM activist said that it was the right of young doctors to meet leaders belonging to political and social groups. “Don’t give it the name of political motivated movement, if you can’t perform your duty,” he said, to which the CM replied with the PTM activist’s pinned tweet and said: “Yes, it’s clear.”

The PTM activist in its pinned tweet has said, “The first non-violent and democratic movement in the history of Pakistan is PTM. Let’s get together and make it more stronger bcz it will open more ways to democracy, freedom of speech and human rights.”

Earlier, the doctors’ association had announced a boycott of their services in hospitals across Balochistan on Monday after Quetta police baton-charged doctors for protesting near the CM House. On the occasion, 150 doctors were arrested for protesting against the lack of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in hospitals across the province to treat coronavirus patients.

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