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Chughtai Laboratories Reduce Covid-19 Test Charges By Half After NAB Intervenes

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The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is reported to have intervened to get Chughtai Laboratories to reduce their charges for the Coronavirus test by half. Media reports indicate that the private pathology laboratories agreed to this slash in testing charges after a meeting between its management and NAB officials on 13 April.

The country’s accountability bureau will also be contacting other laboratories in an effort to get them to reduce prices for Covid-19 tests.

In response to a question by a Twitter user on whether or not they would offer 50% discounts starting today (18 April), the official account for Chughtai Labs stated that they are already providing a 50% discount to people of age 60 or above. The Chughtai Labs Twitter account had announced this on 14 April.


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Naya Daur