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Bill Gates Is The New Target Of Conspiracy Theories

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Right wing propaganda is painting billionaire Bill gates as an arch-villain. Conspiracy theories about the philanthropist must be countered and condemned, argues Ishtiaq Ahmed.

I can’t recall if I ever in my life wrote some laudatory article on the rich people of the world quite simply because I have had better things to write on. However, after listening to the latest attacks circulating on social media, I thought I must speak in defence of the man.

I know him only as one of the richest men in the world and that his wealth has accrued from his extra-ordinarily innovative enterprising skills. He has given away wealth very generously in charity and mostly to causes which are progressive.

I admire people who share their money and find stingy people very annoying. I did some reading before writing this article about him to find out why now he is at the centre of all the bizarre conspiracy theories.

The reason is that he had been warning about a pandemic that could break out any time on the basis of his study of the Ebola virus, which devastated Africa recently but did not spread with the same rapidity as the Coronavirus. Gates warned that something far more sinister can hit humankind and had been funding research directed at finding out the nature of pandemics.

Since now the Coronavirus has broken out, the conspiracy theory suggests that he and others are going to make tonnes of money by inventing the vaccine.

So, all this is to fill more coffers of Bill Gates.

I wish Bill Gates was as stupid as the fools who are spreading this theory. I checked and found out that conservative forces in the United States are promoting it on the media with full force.

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Another, even more silly conspiracy theory is that the health adviser to President Trump, Faucci, had this virus manufactured in China: the reason is that according to Dr Rashid A Buttar there is no such virus at all and the sickness has been caused by some other means! I found out that before he started his medicine studies he had done a degree in Theology.

The bottom line of such theories is that a handful of men are plotting to rule the whole world by acquiring detailed information about each and every of us. Not only that, but to force people into extreme poverty and then control their brains so that everyone becomes a Zombie.

Now, the question is what will such a macabre conspiracy theory achieve? Total control over all human beings? Suppose that is true. So how would that serve these handful of men do with such control over 9 billion and more human beings and how?

I have tried very hard to find any great thrill in having 9 billion Zombies while a few men have a great time.

Do let me know if that makes sense.

Let me dare say, that behind all such theories is that old story that God Almighty has created this world and he knows each and every detail about us and nothing happens without his knowledge or against his power.

Now to attribute such power to a handful of men is a continuation of the same story, only this time instead of One Great Creator and Controller the number has been increased to a handful more.

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Till such time that such men have not invented a pill which makes them immortal, I would find such theories indicative of the bankruptcy of analytical abilities of the commentators and their shallow habit of promoting sensationalism instead of genuine knowledge.


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